About Asset Sentry, a Legal Corporation

Asset Sentry, a Legal Corporation, is the professional corporation of Lynda L. Sands (formerly Moerschbaecher).  Lynda has been in the practice of law and the consulting business for 35 years.  She has a law degree and a Masters of Business in Taxation.  She worked for Bank of America as a tax expert, before joining Yale University as Assistant General Counsel.  She founded her own law firm in 1980 first in the San Francisco Bay Area until 2001, and now in San Diego.

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Lynda often represents real estate investors starting or growing their real estate investment business, helping to structure both the business and to structure and strategize transactions and clients of substantial wealth to reduce or eliminate transfer taxes.  She speaks frequently on topics of wealth, asset planning and asset protection.

Asset Sentry is a legal corporation licensed in California and registered with the California State Bar.


Its business includes:


  • Working with clients one-on-one for consultation regarding asset structuring and asset protection


  • Working with clients one-on-one for consultation regarding business formation and planning


  • Providing trustee services for clients of the firm


  • Educating clients through materials prepared on a variety of subjects related to asset planning, business entities and asset protection


  • Presenting informational and educational presentations and products for many types of audiences


Asset Sentry is dedicated to helping you keep the wealth you have worked hard to acquire.  Think ahead.  Plan it out.  Implement your plan.  Then enjoy your wealth.